Royal Doulton at Kingsoak



Breeder: H. Kingham, owner: Mady Jochems, kennel at Kingsoak

There are no words to say what this amazing boy was for Hazel Kingham...

She adored him from the moment he was born.

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak, a lovely blenheimboy.

Doulton was born out of Hazelís dream combination on health, type and temperament. A Cavalier like a Cavalier should be: always in a good mood and wit a continues wagging tail. With his large dark eyes, melting expression and fabulous silky coat he takes your breath away.
He loves going for long walks and is happy just to be with you. If itís feeding time for the chickens he has Ďsuperviseí :-). He loves to cuddle and can spend hours on your lap. He only barks when he hears a really strange noise :-).

Doulton & his foster parents
Doulton's parents: Scott & Jessie

Doulton as a puppy

Doulton was born in a lovely litter of 6: 2 males en 4 females. He is the litter brother of Eline

Hazel with baby Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Mady with CH. Chinart Anna Pavlovna - Janice (Storeyland Cavaliers) with baby Silk Flower at Kingsoak

Doulton at his very first show


CH. CAN.-LUX. Storeyland Silk Ascot
CKCSC & AKC CH. Maibee Milan of Bentwood
Maibee Montrose
Top CKCS Sire '05 '07 '08 '10
Craigowl Dixon
Maibee The Stand In
Maibee MadonnaTelvara Kavalkade
Maibee Jennilee
AKC CH. Grantilley Silk Stockings
Nevhill's NazarethUK CH. Cavaliegh Alexander
Nevhill's Narnia
Grantilley RunawayBreidden Beach Boy
Grantilley Rickeya
CH. Angel's Pride Jasmine N.J.K.

CH. Sanickro Escapade

Sanickro Rob Roy McCoySanickro Made to Measure
Kaprisha T.O.T. of Sanickro
Sanickro Royal JewelEmsmere Royalist
Sanickro Amazing Grace
CH. Angel's Pride Anastacia

UK CH. Miletree NijinskyUK CH. Tameline Northern Dancer
Miletree Evening Dream
CH. Timsar Miss TeeqLinjato Ace of Base
Timsar Miss Jocasta

Health Certificateís

  • Echocardiograph MVD: grade: A, no murmer, MVD clear. (Dr. Aslani, Kleve) 10/08/2011
Royal Doulton at Kingsoak

Doulton was born out of SM (both grade A, Dr. C. Rusbridge) and MVD (both grade A, Dr. Aslani) clear parents. He will be MRI-scanned at 2.5 years (December 2011). He then will be available for suitable healthy bitches.


Just like mommy Jessie (CH. Angel's Pride Jasmine) and daddy Scott (CH. Storeyland Silk Ascot) he really likes to show. At this moment he has got 4 CC's, 3 CACIB's and 1 Res. CC in Belgium and 2 CC's, 2 CACIB's and 3 res. CC's in the Netherlands.

26/11/2011Winner Amsterdam, the Netherlands3 Excellent - Open Class
19/11/2011Eurodogshow Kortrijk, Belgium1 Excellent - Open Class - CC + CACIB
13/11/2011Clubmatch CCN De Bilt, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Open Class
11/11/2011Clubmatch Canteclaer 2011 Evergem, Belgium1 Excellent - Open Class - BOB + BIG + R. BIS
05/11/2011Bleiswijk, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Open class - Res. CAC + CACIB
29/10/2011Leuven, Belgium1 Excellent - Open class - CC + CACIB + BOB
25/09/2011Maastricht, the Nederlands1 Excellent - Open class - CC + CACIB + BOB
28/08/2011Rotterdam, the Netherlands2 Excellent - Open class
24/07/2011Luik, Belgium1 Excellent - Open class - CC + CACIB - Best dog
03/07/2011Echt, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Open class - Res. CACIB
26/06/2011Genk, Belgium1 Excellent - Open class - CC
27/05/2011Oss, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Open class - Res. CC
21/05/2011Wieze, Belgium2 Excellent - Openclass - Res. CC
15/03/2011Zutphen, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Intermediate class - Res. CC
20/06/2010Uden, the Netherlands1 Excellent - Youth class - Res. CC
15/11/2009De Bilt, the Netherlands3 Very Promising - Baby class

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak Royal Doulton at Kingsoak

19/11/2011 - Eurodogshow Kortrijk, Belgium

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Kortrijk Eurodogshow 2011, BelgiŽ

13/11/2011 - Clubmatch CCN - De Bilt - Nederland

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Clubmatch CCN De Bilt, Nederland

11/11/2011 - Clubmatch Canteclaer 2011 - Evergem, Belgium

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Clubmatch Showtraining Canteclaer, Evergem, BelgiŽ

05/11/2011 - Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Dogshow Bleiswijk 2011 Res. CAC + CACIB

29/10/2011 - Leuven, Belgium

Doulton did it again: in Leuven at the 22nd Louvaniumtrofee he got the CC, CACIB and became BOB!
With thanks to judge Mr. Vanaken Jean-Francois.

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Louvaniumtrofee Leuven 2011 CAC-CACIB-BOB

25/09/2011 - Maastricht, the Nederlands

Doulton won Open class at Maastricht Holland, wining his 2nd CC in Holland in a very strong class. He also got the CACIB, became BOB and 4th of the toy group!

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Maastricht CAC-CACIB-BOB

28/08/2011 - Rotterdam, the Nederlands

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak - Rotterdam

24/07/2011 - Golden Dog Trophy, Luik, Belgium

Royal Doulton at Kingsoak at the Golden Dog Trophy at Luik