CH. Bugaku do Castelo de Alfaia



Breeder: Miguel Castelo, kennel: Castelo de Alfaia

Ain't he pretty???

A dream comes true with this georgeous boy called "Boedha" I don't know what to say but we are very very thankful to Miguel to let us have Bugaku do Castelo de Alfaia. No words can tell how i feel but i guess Miguel knows.....


Goshikinuma Do Castelo De AlfaiaCH., Fin. CH. Odessa's KirilCH. Touche's Tux N Ty
CH. Touche's Honeycrest Helzapopin
Pia's Adessa A-RitzaCH. Klapphallans Cikito
CH. Harskas Timo-Tej
Pia's Gongxi-Guang GuniangPia's Xawabara Xammuri-XanCH., Fin. CH. Odessa's Kiril
Kitteka Fria Froken Frida
Phantasy Pan For GoldUS. CH. Phantasy Peter Pan
Phantasy Toss The Dice

Meaning of Bugaku

Bugaku, the ancient dance and music of the Japanese Imperial Court, is more than fourteen hundred years old. This stately dance is performed in richly brocaded and highly stylized costumes, expressing contemplative mind in a cultural context

Gagaku is the oldest existing orchestral music in the world. Bugaku, the dance form, is characterized by its elegance, solidity and space. Together, the music and the dance radiate timelessness and peace.

The several active bugaku groups within Nalanda study with master musician and dancer Togi Sensei, a Living National Treasure of Japan. Togi's family has been part of the Japanese Imperial Music Department for 1000 years. He is presently a priest-musician at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

No words needed right???